The Garden Spot Experience

Because so many people say there is something “different” about working at Garden Spot Communities, we’ve worked hard to define the difference. Understanding “if you don’t know why something’s working when it’s working you won’t know how to fix it when it’s broke,” a cross-organizational team invested a significant amount of time in observation, interviews, surveys and discussion focused on discovering that “difference.”

The goal was two-fold 1) ensure the difference is sustainable and 2) recognize if things start to drift off course so they can be corrected. We discovered that the difference was really the culture of our organization, which includes the residents, their family members and especially the team members. We defined this culture and all the pieces that connect to it as the Garden Spot Experience.

Because Garden Spot team members contribute greatly to the Garden Spot Experience, we have created the following documents to help define the culture and explain the ways we cultivate the experience.

The Garden Spot Experience explains our mission, our value proposition and our person-centered approach.

Our Manifesto is a declaration of our beliefs, motives and intentions. It also includes a call to action–we want you to join us.