Meet The Community

Here’s what many team members have to say about working here.
“Talking to residents about their lives is one of the things I love about working here.  I enjoy when they say ‘I love you’ and ‘Thank you, the food was delicious!’  I also appreciate establishing meaningful relationships with residents and team members.”
Mary Ann Smolar

Homemaker, Maple Farm

“I love being part of an organization that is so upstanding.  It is truly a privilege to work here.  The atmosphere is amazing and my coworkers and supervisors are the most caring, flexible, and knowledgeable people that I have ever worked with.”
Heather Mellinger

Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk, Garden Spot Village

“There are many things that I love about working at Garden Spot Communities, including these: great management, wonderful residents, and a family like atmosphere.  I also like that they are a faith-based community – it is one of the most important things to me.  When I look back at my other jobs that I had, none of them had the faith-based atmosphere like we have here and I didn’t realize how important it actually was to me until I experienced it.”
Jerome Carter

Housekeeper, Garden Spot Village

“I love working for Maple Farm because everyone really cares about what’s best for our residents.  The teamwork and collaborating between staff is great, your opinions regarding care is taken into account, and I never go a day feeling unappreciated.”
Emily Wilson

CNA, Maple Farm

“Everything about Garden Spot is genuine: coworkers, management, and residents especially.  I love the environment – everyone has something to offer, even something as simple as a smile.  Investing my time here has given me so many opportunities to grow in not only my career, but most importantly as a person.”
Lindsey Mann

LPN Supervisor, Garden Spot Village

Garden Spot Village is honestly the best work/life balance possible in food service. We get all the good parts of quality restaurant work – serving amazing food with fantastic ingredients, but we do not work late nights, our schedules are consistent!

Steven Jacke

Central Kitchen Operations Manager, Garden Spot Village

“Garden Spot Communities is the best place I have ever worked for. GSC works hard to stay ahead of the curve through innovative, out of the box thinking, and I am often given tasks that challenge and push me in my career. I love being a part of the Garden Spot family!”
Brandon Adams

Graphic Designer, Garden Spot Village

“This is the best place I ever worked! The staff and the residents are tops!!! I’m looking forward to another wonderful 10 years at GSV.”
Lorrie Westenhoefer

Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Garden Spot Village

“I enjoy working for Garden Spot Communities because of the difference it makes. Not just the difference I make for the residents and their families, but the difference as a whole that GSC makes in me. It’s such an awesome feeling to feel like you’re needed. It’s a combination of the opportunities I have here to learn, the events and activities that I’m allowed to be a part of, and the great staff members that cause me to be my best.”
Josiah Rosales

Maintenance, Maple Farm