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As a community of service and healthcare professionals, we relate to our customers and each other with dignity and respect at all times. Having a positive attitude creates an experience reflective of that for customers and team members alike. Remember that we are here to please our customers and make their day.

Team members are committed to learning and living the GSC mission statement. We aim to meet the needs of all customers and guests, striving to exceed their expectations. We are there for our guests – put all distractions aside and focus on the person you are speaking with. It is important to demonstrate integrity by maintaining honesty with others, apologizing for our mistakes, holding ourselves accountable for our actions, and accepting constructive criticism. When receiving a complaint, we own it and help resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction and when conversing with others, respect their privacy and confidentiality. Remember to knock as you enter a room, watch what you say and where you say it, and always guard protected health information.

We value stewardship. Each team member strives to improve efficiency throughout GSC, and we encourage all team members to be involved in the planning of the work that affects them. It is the responsibility of each staff member to create a teamwork environment. Care for yourself and others, treating them as you would like to be treated, and be an ambassador of GSC in and outside of the workplace.

The appearance of GSC should represent the standards to which we hold ourselves. We all take responsibility for providing and maintaining clean, comfortable and visually appealing surroundings. Take pride in, and care of, your personal appearance. Dressing and acting professionally gives others confidence in us. While keeping each GSC campus looking the best it can, it must also be kept safe. It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure a secure and accident-free environment.

Lastly, we recognize and encourage creative thinking, so don’t forget to play! And include customers in on the fun – we spend a lot of time at work; let’s enjoy it.

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